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Good News is Inviting

Start to think about that friend of new neighbor who might not have a church. Invite them to come with you. God may have already opened a door in their life; now they only need someone to make a connection.

All Saints Day

"In Person" Holy Communion Services

Sunday, November 1, 2020

11:00am in the Sanctuary Hall

At a special Council meeting on August 30, the Council adopted the following guidelines for worship services beginning September 13. While the logistics of having meaningful worship services “in church,” including the Sanctuary have been developed, the overarching concern remains the number of COVID-19 case occurrences in Virginia. For this reason, PVELC will begin in-person worship services at  11:00am in the upstairs Sanctuary Hall. Holy Communion will be offered at the end of each service. What to Expect:

To ensure your safety, here is what you can expect when we return to church to worship.

  1. A mask must be worn, both at the Pavilion and in the Social Hall. If you do not have one, an usher will provide a mask.
  2. A sanitation station and other supplies will be available throughout the worship area.
  3. Expect someone to request to take your temperature with a "no touch" thermometer.
  4. Expect to see empty chairs or spaces. Family units will be seated six feet from one another.
  5. At the 11:00am service enter and exit by the upstairs Sanctuary Hall.
  6. Avoid conversations with others before and after the service in the church. Once outside maintain six feet social distancing.
  7. Bulletins will be placed on the benches/chairs and you can pick up a copy of the announcements or newsletter when exiting the service.
  8. Holy Communion will be offered at the end of the worship service. Individual pre-packaged communion packets will be used. Ushers will direct this process.
  9. Liturgical responses will be spoken by a congregational representative, not the entire congregation. Instrumental pieces or recorded music may be used for the musical portion of the service.
  10. Sharing of the peace will be done in sign language.
  11. A hymn may be sung by a soloist.
  12. For services in the Pavilion, you may bring lawn chairs for the parking area outside the Pavilion. Physical distancing of six feet will be required between family units.
  13. Collection plates will not be passed but a collection area will be designated (also Change for Hope “red buckets”). If you prefer, your donation can be mailed to the church at P.O. Box 346, Verona, VA 24482.
  14. A children’s room for families with children is available in the Main Hall.
  15. Attendance will be noted; visitors will be asked to provide names/contact information.
  16. No food or beverages of any kind (including coffee) will be available in the church.
  17. Per CDC guidelines, please do not attend if you have a temperature, if you are sick or have any COVID-19 symptoms, or if you are quarantining for any reason.
  18. For traffic control purposes, ushers will be present in the parking lot to direct the flow of traffic.



You are needed!

With two services there is an increased need for ushers, lay readers, and help with sanitation and parking. Expect to hear a plea for help.

We realize that returning to in-person worship in the midst of this pandemic will seem strange and uncomfortable. We are striving to make our in-person worship experience as safe and as meaningful as possible given the necessary restrictions and sanitation requirements.

It is understandable that when we return to in-person worship that some may elect not to participate in worship at the church until the virus is further contained and some of the restrictions are lifted. We understand. Please know that whether you come to the church on Sunday morning or choose the “safer at home” alternative, each one of you is a vital part of our worshipping community. We are all one body. We will continue to keep everyone abreast and involved in the church’s ministry.


Pleasant View Evangelical Lutheran Church

2733 Springhill Road

Staunton, Virginia 24401

540 | 885 | 2954