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Worship changes after COVID-19

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Changes in our In-Person Sunday Worship Service begins June 6

Due to an increase in vaccinations and a decrease in infections and hospitalizations caused by the Coronavirus the CDC and the state of Virginia have changed their safety recommendations for people who are fully vaccinated. Last Thursday, 3 June 2021, the church council voted to authorize a two phase approach in returning to a more familiar form of worship beginning this Sunday, 6 June 2021.

The council is using a two part phased approach because while things are looking more hopeful we are still in the midst of a pandemic and a phased approach seems appropriate to protect the physical health of all who attend our worship services.

In the first phase

which begins this Sunday masks and social distancing will no longer be required for those who are fully vaccinated. If unvaccinated it is strongly recommended that you wear a mask for your own safety and the safety of other unvaccinated persons. Also, if vaccinated persons feel more comfortable wearing a mask they too are encouraged to do so.

In addition to relaxing mask and social distancing requirements we will return to sharing the peace, passing the offering plate, receiving communion inside of the church building, and the pastor greeting congregants at the door at the end of the service.

(In the early stages of the outbreak it was thought that physical contact was a primary way of spreading the virus and for months touching others or objects that others have touched was strongly discouraged. In the past few months it has been scientifically shown it is very unlikely that the virus can be spread by personal touch or contaminated objects. Even so, we understand that the message of “no touching” has made shaking hands or handling objects that others have touched an uncomfortable experience for many.)

These changes that the council has authorized will require all who attend worship to be sensitive to the different attitudes others may have and respectful of the way they choose to participate. We are all going through this pandemic and it’s aftermath together. As we do, be aware that others will process change differently. For some change is welcomed and immediate as they long to get-back-to-normal. For others there may be some uncertainty and reasons to hesitate. For them the changes will be meaningful if they adapt to them gradually.

In the second phase

we will return to congregational singing. This last aspect of congregational worship is being delayed out of an abundance of caution. It is now known that the primary way the virus is spread is through the air. Therefore, congregational singing inside the church is the last thing to be restored. It is only a threat to those who are not vaccinated. Hopefully when we reinstate congregational singing those among us who are not fully vaccinated will be a very small number resulting in the threat of spreading the virus being very low.

The council is keeping its eye on trends and recommendations coming from the CDC, state, and synod office. If the downward trends continues we hope to restore congregational singing during worship in mid-July or the beginning of August.

The church council also recognizes that there are some who do not feel comfortable returning to church just yet. Be assured that the church remains committed to meeting your needs. The weekly emails that have been sent out will continue. If you have other needs or concerns please feel free to call pastor Larry or any member of the church council.

Please note that this phased plan assumes a continued decrease in Covid-19 infections and hospitalizations. Future guidance from the CDC, the state of Virginia, or the bishop’s office could delay or reverse the above time-line.


Pleasant View Evangelical Lutheran Church

2733 Springhill Road

Staunton, Virginia 24401

540 | 885 | 2954